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Zee Alexis is a brand of Parent Company, Cloud Comfort Resorts Shoes. Using Active Response Technology™, Zee Alexis takes an innovative approach to the next generation in footwear, incorporating hand-woven, 8-way memory stretch elastics and SoleFlex™ Technology featuring Real Memory Foam. From day to play, these shoes move and respond with your every step.   SHOP NOW »

Zee Alexis shoes run about a half size small. For the most comfortable fit, order up.

Active Response Technology™

While the use of memory foam and other form-fitting foams has been the latest in foot comfort technology, Zee Alexis combines a lasting bland of stability and comfort with Real Memory Foam and Foam Injection Technology.

Real Memory Foam

Support is essential for proper foot health and correction. Real Memory Foam promotes proper moisture absorption and optimal breathability needed for the foot.

Foam Injection Technology

This technology provides the deepest feeling of comfort for your feet equaling eight times the effect and four times the durability of other footwear brands.

SoleFlex Technology™

With the use of this technology, the soles of all Zee Alexis shoes, bend and flex with the foot, creating lasting comfort and making it feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

Footwear Testing: Zee Alexis shoes passed three tests that assessed the quality of their materials and components.

Shape Retention Test

The retention in the shape of the shoe sole after compression is tested and checked under standard conditions.

Sole Adhesion Test

Adhesion strength of sole at the toe and heel is assessed through this test.

Flex Test

This test determines the resistance of a component material during repeated flexing.

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