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Service-room-chiropractor Chiropractic Adjustments: Gentle chiropractic manual adjustments used to correct spinal misalignment and joint movement dysfunction.

Physical Therapy: Use of electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound and comprehensive exercise and rehabilitative programs.

Massage Therapy: Swedish, Shiatsu, sport or deep-tissue, hot stone and Japanese foot massage performed by John Wyler, LMT. 

Decompression Therapy for Spinal Disc Injuries: Use of a special chiropractic table that moves in several directions and induces flexion of the back as well as controlled traction at the same time. This method know as flexion distraction. It is very helpful in decompressing the spinal disc and nerve root compression. It works well with stretching lumbar and thoracic paraspinal muscles and helps relieve muscle spasm.

Personalized Exercise Plans and Stretching Programs: Indiviual exercises and stretching programs will be designed and developed for your treatment plan. You will be evaluated
to determine what exercises are best suited for you based on your capacity and current physical condition. A safe and effective plan will be explained and taught to you one-on-one.

Myofasical Release Technique: This is a manual technique preformed by the therapist or chiropractor to work through muscle injuries and release muscle and fascia that is bound up and contracted over the muscle tissue resulting from an injury.

Graston: This a technique used to treat skeletal muscle conditions with the use of stainless steel tools. It involves a "scraping" or "friction" method to gently and therapeutically cause an area of controlled inflammation in order to promote faster and more complete healing of an injured area.

Kinesio Taping: This tape is non-latex and expandable. It works great for supporting an injured area as both preventative and acute pain. During acute pain taping is very helpful and much more comfortable than a brace for supporting an injured area.

Orthotics: Patients with chronic foot problems, leg length imbalances and pelvic/sacroiliac or knee problems are often candidates for orthotics. Gait analysis is preformed on patients in the above category. Foot exam and extremity and spinal muscle imbalances are considered while constructing a custom made orthotic.